Handmade real lether belts.
All my items are made from 100% real leather and NOT faux leather, bonded, coated, leather lined or other sort of fake leather.

All belts can be personalised to order and if you have any special requests please feel free to contact me here.

To choose your correct size the general rule is 2 inches larger than your actual waist to take account of clothing or use an existing belt and measure from the fold in leather at the buckle end to the hole that is comfortable to wear.
All my belts have 6 buckle holes and the size is measured to the middle of these holes, so a 32" belt will be 32" from the fold in leather at the buckle end to the middle of the six buckle holes.

I can always make shorter belts than listed if you require, if you would like a belt shorter than 32" please buy one as normal but email me afterwards to let me know the actual size you want. Depending on the leather I have at the time I can sometimes make up to 54" belts so if you would like a belt longer than 48" please email me to see if I can make one with the leather I have.