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Pair of Personalised Handmade Leather Toe Snouts/Caps

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Handmade Pair of Real Leather Personalised Toe Snouts/Caps

Ideal for Roller Derby to save damage to your skates!

Available in a choice of colours

My Real Leather Toe Snouts or Caps are hand made by myself using approx 3-4mm thick leather (about twice as thick as shop bought guards). They come with 2 holes at the top to lace onto the boot and with three 16mm (5/8") holes at the bottom to attach to the toe stop.

With the stamps, I use the middle part of the guards and can fit 2 rows of up to 6 characters (letters or numbers).
The side parts can fit up to 6 characters either side but if you want anything special on the caps please contact me.
There are two styles of letter stamps and a choice of picture stamps as shown in the pictures.

These Toe Snouts/Caps will fit most boots, but as different makes of skates can differ slightly they may need to be laced just below the last set of holes on some skates. As everything is hand made if you need them to be longer or shorter just let me know.

To Order, Please Email me after purchase with a description of what you would like on the Toe Caps, which stamp, what you would like stamped and in which letter style etc. Please feel free to email me before purchase if there is anything you want to check first

Please note that as these Leather Toe Snouts/Caps are hand made by myself please allow up to 7 days to arrive.





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