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Aztec Mayan Belt Buckle

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Aztec Mayan Metal Belt Buckle

Behold the Secrets of the Aztec Calendar! this fantastic Aztec Belt buckle features an amazing rendering of the ancient Aztec Calendar in relief form. The spectacular level of detail is incredible. It features both the calendar cycles used by the Aztecs and mayans; the 365 day year count called Xiuhpohualli and the 260 day ritual cycle count called Tonalpohualli. Both these cycles together combine to form the 52 year Aztec Century sometimes called the Calendar Round.

Aztec Mayan Belt Buckle

This amazing Aztec Mayan Metal Belt Buckle measures 7.5cm (2.9 inches) in diameter and will fit any press stud or snap belt 1.5 Inches, 38 mm, wide or smaller which I also Hand Make and are available on my website under the Press Stud/Snap Belt Category.

Hand Painted and made from Plated White Metal, this incredible Aztec Mayan Belt Buckle will look Ideal hanging from Jeans!


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