Martingale Chain Leather Choker

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This choker measures approx 20mm wide and made from approx 2.4-2.8mm thick leather, available in a choice of colours and fitted with a nickel plated steel, nickel plated black or brass Martingale chain. 

The choker is fitted with a nickel plated steel buckle on all chain colours to fit sizes 36cm (14.5 inches) to 43cm (17 inches) but as they are handmade by myself I can make them to different sizes if needed but I can't make the chain part longer or shorter as all the links and rings are welded closed and I can't get the buckles in black or brass so I make them all with steel buckles. Due to the chain though it will go a little longer or shorter naturally.

If you want one at a different size just message me after purchase to let me know the size you would like and I would make it so that your size is the length to the middle of the buckle holes so it can be worn a little tighter or looser, e.g. a 20 inch measurement would be 20 inches to the middle of the buckle holes.

Please note that all my items are made from 100% genuine leather and NOT made from faux leather, bonded, leather lined, coated or any other sort of fake leather.

As all my items are hand made please allow up to 7 days for delivery, but items usually sent out within a couple of days.