Leather O-Ring or Heart Ring Choker with D-Rings. Choice of colours, Handmade

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This choker Measures approx 20mm wide and made from approx 3mm thick leather.
Fitted with 1, 1 inch Nickel Plated Steel O-Ring and 8 Nickel Plated Steel Spikes half an inch in length.

The choker is fitted with a buckle fastener and, so the strap doesn't overlap any spikes, has 3 holes and is available in 2 sizes:
Small size approx 32cm - 36cm (12.5 - 14.5 inches)
Large size approx 37cm - 42cm (14.5 - 16.5 inches)

As they are hand made by myself I can make them to fit smaller or larger neck sizes or if you have any other special requests please feel free to message me.