Veg Tan Leather Press Stud Snap Belt 3-3.5mm. Available 3/4" - 2" wide.

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This belt is made from approx 3-3.5mm thick natural veg tan Valencia leather and is available in a choice of colours, 5 widths, three press stud colours and with a leather or metal keeper loop.
This belt comes without a buckle, they are designed to add and change your own buckle.
The belts 1 1/4" to 2" wide are all finished with a crease running along the edge, if you don't want this crease please let me know after purchase. I don't normally put the crease on the 3/4" and 1" widths.
The edges are burnished so they are all smooth rather than just left cut.

Depending on the leather I have I can sometimes make belts longer than 48 inches. If you would like a belt longer than 48 inches please message me before purchase to see if i can make one long enough with the leather I have at the time. If you want one shorter than 34 inches please buy any size as normal and again please message me afterwards to let me know the size you want.

As they are handmade by myself if you want any extra holes, no buckle prong slot or such just let me know after purchase or if you have any special requests or questions please feel free to message me.

Choosing your belt size:

All my belts are measured from the fold in leather at the buckle end to the middle of the six buckle holes and not the end tip.

Measure your actual waist and add 2 inches to allow for clothing worn underneath, or the best way, measure your current belt from the fold in leather at the buckle end to the buckle hole you use the most and feel comfortable with.
Please don't use trouser sizes as they can stretch and shrink over time, especially jeans.